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Building Healthy Self-Esteem: Encouragement that Really Works

Updated: Jan 30

The research is clear, too much blanket praise CAN hurt.

But, the right kind of encouragement is golden!

In numerous studies, the "Power of Yet" has literally taken the lowest performing groups of students and brought them to the highest performing. This critical information has also helped set kids up to find true success and promoted a "can do" attitude! Here are some resources to learn more about how to help the young children you love build the powerful mindset that is changing lives - the "Growth" Mindset.

Watch as these youth try more and more difficult puzzles. In three minutes, you can see how the adult's words motivate or de-motivate the students.

Caroyn Dweck is A-Mazing! Her believe in everyone's potential (not limited to those with a "high" IQ) has helped so many to advance further in school and in life. Watch this 9 minute video and note, what type of encouragement really works!

Who doesn't LOVE Sesame Street!? .... especially when it teaches the powerful concept of "yet" to our young learners. Keep trying, you will get it. Just keep putting forth EFFORT and you WILL get there. :)

Now, watch as Zoe and Elmo teach this powerful phrase

What you do WILL make a difference. You love, encouragement, and the time you invest in learning how to best support young children will pay dividends, today and tomorrow. Thank you for all you do!

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