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Bring Inspiring, Impactful & Practical Staff Trainings to Your Team

Finding the right staff trainings will boost morale, decrease staff turnover, and create a better outcomes for everyone!


By choosing Thriving Together and Raelene Ostberg, you’ll be providing your staff with the essential skills to teach with confidence, reduce their stress, and have a positive impact on children and families. Explore our tailored group sessions and online programs as well.

Discover an ideal training for your staff! Raelene offers innovative topics through impactful teaching methods and captivating content that will inspire your team and make learning fun.

Leave the Training to Us; You Have Plenty on Your Plate!

You’ve got enough to worry about, don’t let staff trainings bog you down. We are here to help with successful learning experiences your team will love.

Our transformative training sessions are crafted to inspire the heart and mind. They are full of practical strategies with immediate application learned through entertaining stories, a visual powerpoint, insightful videos, and recent research that is infused with real-life application. Each training has a supportive process that leaves participants feeling valued and committed to the early childhood field. Choose from an in-person group session, our pre-recorded online trainings, live webinars, or customize a program for your team.

You Choose the Delivery Method!


We’ve created a variety of format options to fit your team’s schedule and delivery preferences. Choose from the options below, or contact us to customize a program for your staff.

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Bring Raelene to you! Dynamic  interactive sessions help you retain staff by helping your team feel supported, connected, and valued.  

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YES! Online learning can be fun, interactive, and engaging! Save the travel expenses. You can attend together or from separate locations. 

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Have your team take our engaging, pre-built online courses. Participants love the self-paced learning they can take in little bits or all at once.

Presentation Topics


Decrease Stress and Foster Joy


Tame Those Terrific Toddlers

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Transform Challenges

* Collaborations Part 1 Fotolia_96380253_Subscription_Monthly_XXL.jpg

Powerful Partnerships

Guest Speaker

Lead and Train Professionals

To see the list of upcoming engaging sessions, from Keynotes to breakouts, visit Learn with Raelene. Many topics are now also available as engaging self-paced topics


Do you want to talk through options and pinpoint the topic that will fit best, simply visit Book Raelene and submit your request!

All are professional development opportunities that participants love (100% Recommend!)

Meet Raelene Ostberg, the Founder of Thriving Together, an international organization passionately committed to supporting early childhood educators in their vital mission of caring for and educating young children.

As is a full-time Keynote Speaker, Expert Trainer, Technical Assistance Professional, and Curriculum Designer based out of Minnesota, Raelene has inspired thousands of early childhood educators each year and is on a mission to decrease stress, enhance joy, and fortify the success of early childhood professionals in their critical work shaping young minds. 


Raelene's educational approach is supported by early childhood studies and grounded in real-life strategies that show positive effects for educators, children, and families. Each powerful session is designed to meet educators where they’re at, often burned out, stressed out, and sometimes even ready to call it quits. Participants of her trainings universally praise Raelene for her dynamic energy, infectious enthusiasm, and theatrical storytelling that vividly brings proven strategies to life. 


“I want to thank you for creating content that is meaningful. Not all training does what your training does. It’s relevant and it’s meaningful and it’s thoughtful and impactful. Even for folks that have a lot of years in the classroom and other settings. This training still speaks to this group.” 

-Molly Breen, Director

SAP Community Nursery School 

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"As the Director of Education, I am highly recommend Raelene Ostberg’s high quality classes to our employees.  She is a knowledgeable instructor whose classes that are both captivating and informative.  The concepts taught in her classes are practical and easily implemented in the early childhood


-Bev Bauman, Director of Education and Staff

New Horizons

"The ladies LOVED LOVED LOVED the training on Saturday.  They are inspired and excited for the next one. They were hum drumming about having to do a Saturday training, but they came back saying it was soooooo fun and can't wait for more. What was awesome for me was that I have told the staff most of these examples through my trainings over the years but watching you put it in place and seeing your face made it priceless and hit home!!”

-Pam Duffy, Director, Kids-R-It Child Care Center, Director

“Raelene continues to provide learners with effective tools, strategies and proven foundations for working with our youngest learners. Her presentations are engaging and extremely worthwhile and beneficial. Thank you!” 

-Doug A., Center Director

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Book Raelene

Let's collaborate to bring a wonderful professional development experience to your event.  

Get a Quote

Thanks for connecting! We will be in touch soon. It would be wonderful to work together to bring a transformative training to your event!


“Thanks for providing such high-quality professional development!  … I appreciate Raelene's energetic and intense style! My staff also find Raelene's style engaging; no one sleeps through her trainings! Thriving Together approaches teaching young children in such a positive, powerful, research-based way and I appreciate having Raelene and her team communicate these best practices to my staff. It's so refreshing for my staff to hear from outside voices who have so much experience and expertise." 

Kaitlin, Director

"I think these training's are AWESOME and wish more of my coworkers and administration would take me serious how great and important they are (I love to learn, so I don't take the minimum amount of hours that are required each year).  EXCELLENT TRAINING! Thank You!"

Amanda C., Childcare Provider

“It was REAL. It was authentically real. I laughed, cried, had aha moments, and instantly told my assistant that we will have ALL staff complete this on an in-service day!  Exactly the style of training we need!” 

Kayla O, Director

Book Raelene, Explore the Topic Areas, or Access Valuable Resources Right Away!

Book Raelene for Your Event

Bring your own valuable training to your team, conference, or area!

Check out the entire list of options available. Each is a EC critical topic!

Gather strategies when it is convenient for you with  wonderful self-paced education.

Valuable Free Resources

Access helpful information , videos, and free resources today!

Raelene's Presentation Highlights!

WIX Events list photo size (1).png

Next up April 15-18 2024
Three in a row - So rewarding!

  • Parent and Family Engagement Conference, Dec 2022

    • ​Collaborating with Families Parts 1-3!

  • NHSA Annual Conference 2023

    • Deceasing Stress, Taming Those Terrific Toddlers, and fill-in for Supporting Children through Trauma​

  • NHSA Annual Conference 2024: Being the Star You Are! Mastering Stressful Moments so You can Truly Shine! 

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 10.54.40 AM.png

Coming April 19-20th, 2024 in Menomonie, WI

  • Keynote: Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Breakout:   Taming Those Terrific Toddlers! Evidence-Based Strategies to Set Effective Limits and Get Toddlers to Follow Them.

WIX Events list photo size (4).png

Coming May 16-18th, 2024 to Syracuse, NY!

  • Welcoming Keynote: Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Breakout:   Taming Those Terrific Toddlers! Evidence-Based Strategies to Set Effective Limits and Get Toddlers to Follow Them.

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 9.44.24 AM.png

Just finished the sold out 2024 March conference in Morton, MN! What a blast!

  • Keynote: Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Breakout:   Taming Those Terrific Toddlers! Evidence-Based Strategies to Set Effective Limits and Get Toddlers to Follow Them.

WIX Events list photo size (6).png

Keynotes, Breakouts, Webinars, OH MY!

SMIF's investment and collaboration since 2015 has brought our region three Keynotes by Raelene, numerous breakout sessions, staff trainings, workplace education for parents, Early Childhood Initiative trainings and live webinar series that 100% of participants recommend! This season, we sold out every class offered - We truly are more together!

WIX Events list photo size.png

Years collaborating at the annual conference!

Breakout Sessions:

  • For Leadership: Who me? Lead a Staff?!

  • Promoting Self-Control and Attention Skills

  • Collaborating with Families through Conflict and Differences in Caregiving Practices

  • Leadership: Building a Strong Team

  • Reducing and Addressing Toddler Aggression

WIX Events list photo size (5).png

Concordia Early Childhood Conference

Years of full breakout sessions and the wonderful Payoff - the Big 2023 keynote Finding Joy!


Gather and Grow Early Childhood Conference

Several Years - Both Virtual and In-Person

2018 Keynote In-Person: Mastering Stressful Moments
2019 Breakouts: Encouraging Emotional Intelligence and Promoting Healthy Self-Esteem
2020 Virtual Keynote: Finding Joy

2023 All-Staff Training: Decrease Stress, Enhance Joy, and Find Success, Today!

WIX Events list photo size (3).png


2019 Professional Learning Institute ROCKED!

Evidence-based strategies to decrease stress, increase joy, and enhance your work as a trainer and coach

WIX Events list photo size (7).png

ND Out-of-School-Time and Early Childhood Summit

Keynote and Breakouts 2023!

Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home! 

Discover Raelene’s Vibrant Trainings with Our Free Resources

Curious about Raelene’s style and expertise? Access Raelene’s videos, cheat sheets and blog posts for quick tips to get the behaviors you want and STOP the behaviors you don't. Plus learn how to reduce your stress, manage challenging situations, and more!

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Have fun learning in-person, live webinar, or engaging self-paced anytime!

Bring your own valuable training to your team, conference, or area!

Access helpful information , videos, and free resources today!

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