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Inquire today to bring an inspiring, energetic, and rousing presentation  (and real-life tools) that delight your participants and leave them grateful they came and excited to come back next year!

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Audiences love Raelene! New eye-opening information, energizing, inspiring, entertaining, and fun are just some of the words used to describe Raelene’s Keynotes.

Book Raelene as your Keynote Speaker to elevate your event, captivate your audience, and spark a renewed passion for shaping the future of early childhood education.

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Top Keynotes

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Finding Joy: Break through barriers and experience the genuine happiness you deserve!

Providing care and education for young children is intense emotional labor and can easily lead to exhaustion and burn out. The reality is, when you work in a career that consumes your heart, mind, and sometimes sanity, it can be difficult to just leave it behind. Taking care of others can become the main mode of operation and the most important person might just get left behind – you. Truly, taking time to restore and nurture yourself is critical to be your best and to enjoy your important work! During this webinar, you will gain methods to crush the obstacles getting in the way of experiencing true joy, set personal boundaries for yourself and others, and feel inspired in your critical role shaping young minds. The methods you take away will help you get the most out of your unique journey and result in an increase in your “joy factor” starting right away!

  • “Absolutely uplifting!”

  • “WOW! This was just what I needed!”

  • “It was a very impactful presentation with infectious energy and helpful, new insights and advice.“

  • “I loved the whole presentation and the energy that it was given with kept me captivated and interested as well as the content.”

  • “She is so passionate and fun! Delivers the messages so clear and to the heart. Thank you!”

  • “Raelene is amazing!  Her joy overflows to everyone!”

  • “I thoroughly appreciated her authenticity!!!  She was REAL!”

  • "Thank you so much for your wonderful class today! So many staff pulled me aside throughout the day and told me how great you were. One even said 'I feel like she was speaking to me and telling me exactly what I needed to hear!' You have such a gift for adult education, and we all appreciated having you here today.” 

  • “Amazing session! Lots of great information! I think it would be awesome if this one could be offered regularly!”

  • “A lot of times we tend to lose ourselves in our jobs so much that we forget to take care of ourselves! It’s important for a teacher to acknowledge their own worth and our job is not for everybody! In order for us to adequately take care of our kiddos, we need to find joy for ourselves!”

  • “I was having the toughest last two months, and this was the advice/push I needed it. Thank you so much.”

  • “I learned so much good information from Raelene that will help me in my work and my LIFE!  I needed this class to learn/remind me how to take care of myself. Find JOY!!!”


Decrease Stress, Increase Success, and Enhance Joy, Today

We cannot control what happens to us. But, we can manage what we think about it to create more joy and less stress in our lives. Identify what the latest neuroscience research has discovered about how stress impacts your brain, thinking, and responses to stressful situations. Discover practical methods to train your brain to stress less, enjoy more, and increase success both personally and professionally.

  • “It was REAL. It was authentically real. I laughed, cried, had aha moments, and instantly told my assistant that we will have ALL staff complete this on an in-service day!  Exactly the style of training we need!” -Kayla O., Childcare Director

  • “Perfect! Engaging and informative. The presenter is full of life, love and passion and makes what could be just another mundane training exciting and enjoyable while still being informative. I absolutely LOVE her energy! This is the second training I have done with Raelene, but definitely not the last!!!!”  - Erin S., Parent and Childcare Provider

  • “I liked that there was a handout that I could print off and make notes and follow along. I appreciated the content and thought it was one of the best trainings I have done! I got so much out of it!  Great job on this training Raelene!” -Dorothy D., Childcare Provider, Parent

  • “I appreciated that I could do this at my own pace. Being able to split it up over the course of a few days in small periods of time was the absolute best thing! This is by far my favorite training so far!  I think it was all amazing. It was fun, laid back and easy to navigate. Thank you so much and I appreciate your trainings!” -Elianna M., Childcare Provider

  • "I liked the concrete examples of how Raelene has put the tips into action.  I loved it - Wonderful and full of useful knowledge." -Elizabeth G., Director

  • "This was a very fun and stress-free way to take a training. Raelene is always fun to listen to and has great information to share. A great way to work through continuing ed hours! It was easy to do and I could stop at any point and come back when I had more time. Great video clips and thoughtful questions." -Shannon K. Director, Parent Educator, and Parent

  • "I loved the presentation honestly. It was real situations, very relatable. Hit key points on every video. It broke down everything so you can focus on what you were addressing directly, bringing attention to how much stress and strain I'm currently putting myself under. I thoroughly enjoyed this training and will refer it to colleagues. :)  It's very insightful!" -Jordan L., Trainer, Adult Educator, and Childcare Provider

Stressful Moments 169.png

Being the Star you Are: Mastering Stressful Moments So You Can Truly Shine!

Explore effective methods to use before, during, and after stressful moments to build the important self-regulation skills needed to prevent future emotional mayhem. Stress can bring out the worst in people, especially little people. Stress is actually a major trigger behind tantrums, aggression, refusals, and other challenging behaviors! How you respond during the tensest moments impacts children’s emotional development but also how you feel about your important work. Develop a plan to confidently address stressful moments so you can truly shine, today and tomorrow.

  • “I loved Raelene's spirit and personality. The 2 hours flew by!"

  • "Raelene made it fun and engaging! Gave great ideas and advice"

  • "Loved getting new / more ideas to help maintain stress and how to work through not only for me but for my kids"

  • "I have learned to listen to kids more! I have also learned how to control my stress & emotions!"

  • "Great!! Very informative and helpful!"

  • "It was insightful and had a lot of helpful tips and tools to put into play for the child care setting and for home settings."

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Giving the Gifts that Last a Lifetime: Healthy Self-Esteem and Self Confidence

Discover the important elements of building healthy self-esteem while building the self-confidence needed to take on challenges and persevere even with things get tough. Gain insight into the dark side of self-esteem and the unintended results of the self-esteem movement. Learn proven methods to ensure children not only feel good, but also do well. Explore methods to increase effective praise that builds the “can do” attitude needed to ensure future success. Label methods to increase problem-solving skills and promote a trusting and responsive relationship that will reduce challenging behaviors and leave kids feeling capable and responsible.

  • “It’s SO relevant and research shows these methods actually increase self-sufficiency and confidence throughout life!" - Dana G., Parent

  • "Raelene is the best! You will walk away from the training with many ideas to implement and a great mindset too!" - Michelle S., Childcare Provider

  • "I thought the speaker was wonderful and so relatable and had amazing insight!" - Halee C., Childcare Provider

  • "Helpful tips for your classroom when giving out responsibilities. Thank you! I can't wait to try this out in my classroom." Kasey, Preschool Teacher


Feisty, Lively, and Tenacious!

Working with Difficult Temperament Traits to Help All Children Succeed!

Many challenging behaviors are linked to temperament, how a child is naturally wired to respond to the world. Discover proven methods to decrease power struggles, reduce negative behaviors and increase positive outcomes for children who are extremely persistent, intense, slow-to-warm, highly sensitive, or highly active. Explore ways to individualize care to provide a “good fit” and ensure success for all children. Learn specific coaching and guidance strategies to help children behave well and develop the skills needed to thrive.

  • “So real and informative!"

  • "Eye opening and incredibly helpful learning new perspectives on how to approach the kiddos who add a lot of flair to the day to day."

  • "Loved how it was interactive, got the audience involved every few minutes."

  • "Amazing information and useful tools to use in everyday life as a childcare worker or parent!!" - Morgan M., Childcare Provider

  • "I appreciate your practical knowledge from someone who really has been there in the classroom and as a parent."- Nancy B., Preschool Teacher

  • "She's great! Keeps interest and my attention! Her conversational tone makes understanding and involvement easy!" - Amy S., Childcare Provider

Bring delightful learning experiences that make your conference a memorable experience that leaves educators coming back for more! Raelene specializes in transformative information, evidence-based strategies, and real-life stories that  who the methods in action. She helps educators transform challenging behaviors, decrease stress, enhance joy, and increase success in their work. 

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In-Person Conference Speaker

She has been developing and delivering exceptional education on critical early childhood topics since 2001.  Each session is filled with

  • Energy and enthusiasm:  Raelene is known for her  dynamic presentations that keep participants engaged and inspired throughout the sessions.

  • Experience learning with someone who "get's it":  All learning opportunities bring tools Raelene gathered obtaining her M.Ed. at the University of Minnesota, extensive study of stress with Mayo Clinic's Stress-free Living Program, 20+ years working in early childhood classrooms, collaborating with childcare providers to raise her daughters, and 25 collaborating with families as a Parent Educator, Home visitor, and more. 

  • Evidence-based strategies: What do children need to behave well and learn the skills needed to thrive well into the future? Raelene has a stockpile of transformative topics developed over the last 25 years developing engaging curriculum that touches the heart and mind.

  • Visual supports: A delightful Powerpoint, short visual handout with core content, videos, and interaction ensure audiences walk away able to apply the strategies starting right away.

All Workshop Topics


Decrease Stress and Foster Joy


Tame Those Terrific Toddlers

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Transform Challenges

* Collaborations Part 1 Fotolia_96380253_Subscription_Monthly_XXL.jpg

Powerful Partnerships

Guest Speaker

Lead and Train Professionals

All professional development opportunities are packed with real-life tools you can apply today to get the behaviors you want, and stop the behaviors you don’t.  Any of these topics can be delivered in-person or virtually. To see the list of upcoming engaging sessions, from Keynotes to breakouts,  at visit Learn with Raelene. Many topics are now also available as engaging self-paced topics.

All are professional development opportunities that participants love (100% Recommend!)

Elevate your conference experience with energizing, memorable, and inspiring education!


"Captivating, joyful presenter! So much great information, applications and wonderful handout. My favorite session so far!"

-Kathryn B, Childcare Provider

"She presented this topic in a very fun and effective way! I loved the knowledge check throughout the presentation and shared plenty of resources and success stories! Overall a great session!"

-Rischma Buchanan, ECE Coach

"This was the best session and presenter that I attended!"

-Susan Zambo, Social Worker

"One of the best speakers and presentations. This was just wonderful. Thank you!"

-Amanda Meditz, Teacher Assistant

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Curious about Raelene’s style and expertise? Access Raelene’s videos, cheat sheets and blog posts for quick tips to get the behaviors you want and STOP the behaviors you don't. Plus learn how to reduce your stress, manage challenging situations, and more!

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Some Presentation Highlights!

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Next up April 15-18 2024
Three in a row - So rewarding!

  • Parent and Family Engagement Conference, Dec 2022

    • ​Collaborating with Families Parts 1-3!

  • NHSA Annual Conference 2023

    • Deceasing Stress, Taming Those Terrific Toddlers, and fill-in for Supporting Children through Trauma​

  • NHSA Annual Conference 2024: Being the Star You Are! Mastering Stressful Moments so You can Truly Shine! 

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 10.54.40 AM.png

Coming April 19-20th, 2024 in Menomonie, WI

  • Keynote: Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Breakout:   Taming Those Terrific Toddlers! Evidence-Based Strategies to Set Effective Limits and Get Toddlers to Follow Them.

WIX Events list photo size (4).png

Coming May 16-18th, 2024 to Syracuse, NY!

  • Welcoming Keynote: Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Breakout:   Taming Those Terrific Toddlers! Evidence-Based Strategies to Set Effective Limits and Get Toddlers to Follow Them.

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 9.44.24 AM.png

Just finished the sold out 2024 March conference in Morton, MN! What a blast!

  • Keynote: Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Breakout:   Taming Those Terrific Toddlers! Evidence-Based Strategies to Set Effective Limits and Get Toddlers to Follow Them.

WIX Events list photo size (3).png


2019 Professional Learning Institute ROCKED!

Evidence-based strategies to decrease stress, increase joy, and enhance your work as a trainer and coach

WIX Events list photo size (9).png

Region9 Head Start Association Conference

June 3-6, 2024

Breakout Sessions:

  • Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home!

  • Being the Star You Are! Mastering Stressful Moments so You can Truly Shine!  

  • Calming the Storm: Reducing and Addressing Toddler Aggression

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Keynotes, Breakouts, Webinars, OH MY!

SMIF's investment and collaboration since 2015 has brought our region three Keynotes by Raelene, numerous breakout sessions, staff trainings, workplace education for parents, Early Childhood Initiative trainings and live webinar series that 100% of participants recommend! This season, we sold out every class offered - We truly are more together!

WIX Events list photo size.png

Years collaborating at the annual conference!

Breakout Sessions:

  • For Leadership: Who me? Lead a Staff?!

  • Promoting Self-Control and Attention Skills

  • Collaborating with Families through Conflict and Differences in Caregiving Practices

  • Leadership: Building a Strong Team

  • Reducing and Addressing Toddler Aggression

WIX Events list photo size (5).png

Concordia Early Childhood Conference

Years of full breakout sessions and the wonderful Payoff - the Big 2023 keynote Finding Joy!


Gather and Grow Early Childhood Conference

Several Years - Both Virtual and In-Person

2018 Keynote In-Person: Mastering Stressful Moments
2019 Breakouts: Encouraging Emotional Intelligence and Promoting Healthy Self-Esteem
2020 Virtual Keynote: Finding Joy

2023 All-Staff Training: Decrease Stress, Enhance Joy, and Find Success, Today!

WIX Events list photo size (7).png

ND Out-of-School-Time and Early Childhood Summit

Keynote and Breakouts 2023!

Finding Joy - Reduce Stress, Break Through Barriers, and Set Boundaries So You Can Increase Your Joy Factor at Work and at Home! 

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early childhood professionals with realistic and effective tools and strategies that make this critical work easier and more fun.

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