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  • GET the behaviors you want

  • STOP the behaviors you don’t

  • Promote critical life skills

  • Gain proven tips and tools you can use to decrease stress, increase success, and enhance joy while caring for young children.​

Self-paced learning can be fun, rewarding, entertaining, transformative, AND packed full of critical information for those caring for and educating young children!   


Introduction to Our Engaging On-Demand Format

Earn early childhood trainings hours on your own schedule.


100% approved.


These fun and informative self-paced courses are broken into easy learning segments you can progress through on your own time.  To earn training hours, simply view an edited version of the engaging live webinar presentation and provide your insight as you apply the concepts to your care environment. 


Courses offered through Thinkific, an online course player that tracks your progress so you can jump on or off at your convenience. 

Get the behaviors you want,

STOP the behaviors you don't.

Courses Available

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"The content was excellent and the presenter is knowledgeable, passionate and energetic!"

Jan Merrell, Early Childhood Trainer

Cute Siblings

"It is extremely convenient, easy to follow, in depth and the instructor is super knowledgeable and fun to listen to!"

Sam H.

Childcare Provider

Laughing Child

"I was already a fan and am even more so now!!! Sign me up for the next one!"

Tammy W.

Childcare Provider

"Loads of information and ideas, so easy to complete at my own pace and time frame.    Thank you! It was wonderful...I'll be back!"

Lisa S.

Childcare Provider

Additional Topics coming in Summer, 2023!

* Collaborations Part 1 Fotolia_96380253_Subscription_Monthly_XXL copy.jpeg

Collaborating with Families
Parts 1, 2, and 3!

Build relationships, communicate

challenges, and resolve conflicts in a way that leaves all parties feeling respected, valued, and invested in your program.


Building Baby's Brain Power

What you do matters! Join us to learn methods to ensure all infants thrive and build the brain networks needed to succeed.

Other Options

Live Zoom Webinars

Sign up for a live Zoom webinar today. Have fun while learning transformative information.

Privately Scheduled

Schedule your next virtual conference, staff development, or association meeting today! 


Earn training hours when you  need them, at your own pace and on your own time.

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