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Meet Raelene


I believe childcare providers are today's unsung heroes. After the birth of my first daughter, I became a failing mother in need of help - desperately. Thanks to the assistance of the amazing childcare providers and early childhood teachers I had the privilege to work alongside, I successfully raised two daughters while obtaining my college degrees. Since then, I've dedicated myself to bringing life-changing strategies to those who care for young children.


Engaging and informative early childhood education that you will love! 


“Raelene's course on challenging behaviors was genuinely informative. She has a wonderful storytelling ability that helps you connect to the information so it can be retained and utilized. I tried many of the simple approaches she taught and found immediate and surprising success.”

– Cheryl Vargas. Childcare Provider


“This is a must-attend class! The energy this woman can put in a room is genuine. Her tips are useful and realistic. As a bonus, she's funny and entertaining too! ”

— Kamila Roquette, Childcare Provider and Parent

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