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Any time between now and Dec. 31, 2024


Self-Paced Learning in Your Thinkific Class

From “SCREECH” To “More Please” - Promote Infant and Toddler Communication Skills! Self-Paced!

Learn top methods to foster communication skills and turn those infant and toddler screams, hits, and fits into helpful words and gestures!

From “SCREECH” To “More Please” - Promote Infant and Toddler Communication Skills! Self-Paced!
From “SCREECH” To “More Please” - Promote Infant and Toddler Communication Skills! Self-Paced!

Date and Time

Any time between now and Dec. 31, 2024

Self-Paced Learning in Your Thinkific Class

Event Details

From “SCREECH” To “More Please” - Promote Infant and Toddler Communication Skills!   This flexible, easy, and engaging self-paced learning opportunity can be completed any time between now and December 31, 2024!

During this session, you will

  • Gain insight into how infants and toddlers develop the critical language skills needed to avoid screaming, throwing food, and other negative behaviors
  • Collect effective techniques to promote the useful infant and toddler verbal and nonverbal language skills that will help toddlers turn those ear-shattering screams into useful phrases and gestures.
  • Explore the tremendous difference adults can make in this advancement of expressive and receptive language the 0-3 years
  • Have fun learning during an engaging pre-recorded webinar with toddler expert Raelene Ostberg, National Keynote Speaker and Founder of Thriving Together, LLC. In her 20 years working in early childhood classrooms, Raelene spent over 15 years working specifically with toddlers where she gathered tips and tools that really work!  Throughout this transformative course, Raelene shares those tools along with entertaining real-life stories to match.
  • Gain 2 training hours!  To receive your training hours certificate for this course, you must log in independently on an internet-connected device, spend a minimum of 1.75 hours fully, and complete all survey questions with your insight learned from the course content, view 100% of the videos, and complete a brief final survey.
  • Increase your joy and decrease your stress while you care for these wonderful humans!

Complete this self-paced course as YOU wish!  This course has engaging and easy learning segments of a  pre-recorded webinar presentation with the presenter on the webcam. It is broken into easy learning segments in your Thinkific course player and it tracks your progress. You can jump on or off as is convenient for you! You decide - finish in two hours right away or take until December 31, 2024. Progress through the course in your own time, watching videos, accessing free tools and resources, and providing your insight all in your online classroom.  Once complete, your certificate will be immediately available. If needed, Develop entry in Minnesota or WI Registry in Wisconsin, within one business day.

Register today!  Then, we will send you the special link to your special Thinkific classroom as soon as it is complete. 

Visit the website to see all upcoming courses and on-demand anytime learning opportunities!  -   If you need any assistance registering or have questions,  simply reach out to Krista, Administrative Director at:


100% Approved in Minnesota & Wisconsin!

  • CDA Content Area II: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development (2 Hours)
  • MN: KCF Area IIB:  Promoting Cognitive Development (2 Hours)
  • Wisc:  5. Learning Experiences, Strategies, and Curriculum (2 Hours)

Participants will receive a training certificate immediately after finishing the course and Develop or Wisconsin Registry entry (if needed) within one business day.


100% of participants recommend this course (and all of our Thinkific self-paced courses)!

Recent Participant Feedback:

  • "Definitely is a worthwhile training if you have infants up to preschool level to help them communicate between each other" - Greta C., Preschool Teacher
  • "That this class should be required for anyone who works with infants and toddlers before they start working. It would alleviate a lot of frustration for them and help to keep the enthusiasm and joy that working with this age level at a high level because it would give them a better understanding of these kiddos. Knowledge is power and for some is the key to preventing burn out." - Sharon T., Childcare Provider
  • "Very helpful and lots of great ideas of how to work with toddlers and infants. Walked away feeling excited to try new ideas." - Childcare Provider
  • “Raelene's positivity and compassion about what she does is infectious!  My mood was pretty down prior to starting the class due to the current times we are living in, but has been turned around 100%.” - Childcare Provider


More about your presenter:

Raelene Ostberg is the Founder of Thriving Together, an organization dedicated to designing and delivering fun, engaging, and inspiring learning experiences to support early childhood educators in their critical work. Raelene spent 25 working with families and 18 years working in early childhood classrooms. She obtained a M.Ed. in Family Education and B.A. in Theater from the University of Minnesota.  In every class offered at Thriving Together, participants gain hands-on tools they can start applying right away, in a fun and engaging format. Participants love Raelene’s energy, enthusiasm, and theatrical storytelling that bring proven strategies to life. Her two signature online series "Working with Challenging Behaviors" and "Taming Those Terrific Toddlers" have over 10 years of positive reviews with 100% of participants recommending these transformative courses. Raelene is a Motivational Speaker, Achieve Master Trainer, New York State Training and Technical Assistant Professional, Licensed Parent Educator, Curriculum Designer, and Trainer Mentor.


Technology Needed to Attend 

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth so you can hear the presentation

This link gives you an overview of what is needed:


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course?

This course is designed to qualify for 2-training hours and can be easily completed within that time.  It includes approximately 1.25 hours of an edited pre-recorded video from an engaging live presentation by Raelene Ostberg, M.Ed.  You watch short video segments, provide your insight or thoughts, and write a few short reflections as you apply the information to your early care environment.  To receive your training hours for this course, you must spend a minimum of 1.75 hours fully completing all survey questions with insight learned during the course, viewing 100% of the videos, and completing a brief survey.

My life is CRAZY! Do I really have time to take this online course?

Absolutely! This entire course contains short video segments that break the content into smaller, more manageable lessons (short course, huge potential impact). You can squeeze in a lesson or two when you have time – naptime, morning coffee, whenever! Many students watch lessons on their tablet or smart phones while on the go. (Doctor's and therapists' waiting rooms are great for this!)

How long do I have to complete a course?

You can complete the course any time this year. All courses end at midnight on December 31st, 2024. You can take the course in little bits or do it all at once – whatever works best for you.

Will I receive a personalized Certificate of Completion?

YES! Simply complete all course elements, illustrating what you are learning in the course. After completing your course, you will receive your certificate instantly. If you have a Develop Account in Minnesota or are in the Wisconsin Registry, your attendance will also be entered within one business day.

Can I also receive training hours in Develop in Minnesota or the Wisconsin Registry?

Yes! Simply complete all course elements, illustrating what you have learned in the course. After completing your course, you will receive your training hours entered into Develop (MN) and/or the Wisconsin Registry within one business day.

Are there group rates for centers/groups of staff?

YES! There are discounts for groups of five or more. Simply write us a note with the course titles and the number of participants, and we will design a proposal just for you!

What if the course doesn't work for me?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If, after completing the course, you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will provide a full refund.

Are there any tech requirements for this self-paced course?

Thinkific is continually making these classes more accessible for participants. Visit their website to learn about the latest requirements at


  • Regular Price Ticket

    Sale ends: Dec 29, 11:59 PM

    This ticket includes the self-paced course: From “SCREECH” To “More Please” - Top Strategies to Promote Toddler's Communication Skills! You will have from now until December 31, 2024 to complete the course. If needed, Develop entry in Minnesota or WI Registry in Wisconsin, within one business day.




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