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What do to about WHINING!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

FREE Video! FREE Tipsheet!

For me, whining is a challenge that can make my blood boil!   "He hit me!" "They won't plaaaay with me!" "Don't leeeeave me..."  "I want a snaaaaack."

The simply drawn-out, high-pitched vocalizations are enough to drive us adults BATTY! 

So, I designed an engaging and informative thirty minute webinar PACKED with five TOP TIPS to put the brakes on whining!  We problem-solved this challenging issue together and identified what fuels whining and the top tips to reduce it.

Yell? Increases stress and tension. Ignore? Can hurt your relationship. Punish? Lead's to more power struggles.

So WHAT then?

Watch the recorded webinar video to see how you CAN put the brakes on whining!

*Get hands-on strategies for reducing whining and tattling

*See this fun and engaging online learning environment that 100% of participants recommend!

*Observe the helpful problem-solving process you can apply to any challenging behavior you experience!  

Don't forget to download FREE tip sheet to hang on your fridge!

Thank you to the wonderful people who joined me for this live webinar and YOU for reading the BLOG! We truly are more together!

Raelene Ostberg

Thriving Together, LLC

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