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Managing Media – Capitalizing on the good, avoiding the bad and the ugly.

Updated: Jan 30

When my children were young, media could literally change my world from stressful to calm. Sometimes I felt I needed it just to get through dinner prep after a long day, or even just two minutes of peace... AND, I remember the guilt. Thankfully, today there are tools to help choose media wisely. The research is clear, there are drawbacks to media exposure. But, there can also be great benefits. Watch Naptime Nuggets for five top tips to feel in control of media and make choices that match your values and what is right for the children you care about. After all, you ARE the BOSS! ... and the guide, the caregiver, the teacher, and the coach. What you do matters!

Valuable resources below!

*Discover media of value (and steer away from the media that promotes negative behavior.) You will find the best apps and programs, identify the media you want to avoid, see a comprehensive list of parent controls for apps, tablets, Youtube and others - All in one place!

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