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Giving the Gifts that Last a Lifetime!

Updated: Jan 30

Do you find it difficult to shop for a child who already has so much? Want to avoid overindulgence but also give something meaningful that will last? The video below is from Live Facebook Naptime Nuggets #19 will give you numerous special "gift" ideas for that wonderful child in your life that they will remember forever AND build important bonds that leave them feeling connected, appreciated and truly loved. Watch the video, read the article, or just peruse a couple tips below (related to the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.) You will get creative ideas for wonderful gifts that truly help a child feel loved.

How do you help a child feel loved, and especially loving a gift? Well, we need to first ask what makes children feel loved! And the answer, it depends! The book "The Five Love Languages gives us five ways we all give and receive love. And, each of us has a preferred way. Of course, we are likely to show love in the say that we want to receive it. But, if we want others to feel loved, it is important to give it in the way THEY feel most loved. With kids, you can look first at how they often want to give love. One of my daughters insists on gifts - even at 18. No money will do. She gives the best gifts, and gives them often. Her love language is likely gifts. Check out the others! There are some ideas from the article, fed through the give love languages.

1. TIME TOGETHER – One thing rings true for ALL children – They spell love T.I.M.E. But, for those who experience this as their first love language, it will be critical to "fill their cup". So, give a picture or coupon book with one or more things you can do together! Low cost ideas include, a trip to the local pool (YMCA, hotels, many places have day pass to the pool!), Zoo passes, Children's museum, "tour" on the local city bus, or simply make something together.

2. ACTS OF SERVICE: This child feels most loved when you are completing a task for them. Cook a special meal that includes their favorites. Hang a special picture they love. Give "One FREE room cleaning". You can also make your service a "gift of talent". Take the time to teach a child a skill such as snapping fingers, whistling, cooking, sewing, or even a Home Depot build day! You choose. But, when you "serve", the child will feel more love.

3. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: You can do things, spend time together, give lots of hugs. BUT, if the child has words of affirmation as their first, make sure to express your feelings of adoration and appreciation for the child. You could write an “I love you” book with pictures of the child and other family members. Make an appreciation card or color sheet that has “Everything I love about you”. Your words will mean literally fill the child with love.

4. TOUCH: Touch is critical for all humans. But, those wired to express and feel loved this way, need an extra dose. You can give it as a gift - just make some special "hug tickets" or "wrestle tickets' the child can use when they need a dose of love.

5. GIFTS! So, the child LOVES gifts. And you too. So, you may be asking, "What about a WRAPPED PRESENT??!!" Make a little coupon book (include ideas from above... it could include clean your room, hug time, special meal, make playdo together, wonderland adventure park day, city bus tour day, etc.) Children will LOVE cashing in their coupons and will FEEL loved in the meantime.

Want more ideas?

*Read the article!

*Watch the video below.

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