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Get Toddlers to Listen with Simple Language & Visual Prompts! [Free Visual Prompt Tool!]

Updated: Apr 11

I had two of my own toddlers and worked in an early childhood family education toddler class for years before I knew about this proven method for getting toddlers to listen! Instead of telling toddlers what to do, SHOW them! Avoid confusing groups of words. After all, these little toddlers are still learning English and sometimes need help understanding what you mean.

Try showing instead of telling and report back. When did this strategy work for you?

Watch the video for ideas about where you could apply it. Then, download the First-Then handout that contains six common transition challenges (sleep, snack, sitting for a book, and others). "First wash hands, THEN eat." Simple. Effective. Remember, a photo is worth a thousand words. :)

Get your free "First-Then" Visual Prompt Tool and start using it today! For future Freebies and blog posts, subscribe to this Blog!

Here is a great article from CSEFEL with FREE visual prompts tips and ideas for making your own visuals! PLUS - get six visual prompts (for free) by signing up below.

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