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Diffusing Nighttime STRESS

Updated: Jan 30

Many families find evenings are packed with a stressful competition: individual and family needs versus an endless “to do” list. At any time of year, evenings for parents of young children can be chaotic and filled with anxiety. Add in a long winter and the inevitable cabin fever and children get antsy, siblings fight, negative feelings creep in, and evenings can become almost unbearable. Today, parents of young children also have an added pressure... ensuring each child is fully prepared to succeed in school. Thankfully, taking the time to incorporate a few strategies can alleviate stress, increase quality time, decrease negative behaviors, and teach children some of the skills they need for school.

And, make a plan to increase quality time with your family, infuse calm into your evening, and reduce your stress!

Here is a testimonial from a parent in one of my trainings who used this tool!

"I just wanted to write you a quick note about the Sleep Training I attended. Not only was the trainer a fantastic speaker & completely engaging – I learned so much from the training.

After the training, I decided that the bedtime routine with my 2 year old needed attention. I began testing out what worked well…trying to experiment with ideas brought up at the training. What if we read book? (no it made him excited and engaged, not sleepy!)…What if we take a bath every night? (yes!)

My VERY FAVORITE take away from the training was the bedtime readiness photo sheet to use with toddlers. After figuring out what seemed to work best with my son – I cut out 4 photos and created a very simple plan: 1. Bath Time 2. Brush Teeth 3. Pajama Time 4. Go to sleep and taped them together. My 2 year old LOVES looking at these photos and telling me what comes next. (side note: He loves it so much that last week he fell asleep with the sheet in his hand and I found it the next morning crumpled and loved. Luckily I had another copy and laminated it.)

This training made a positive impact on our family and helped me update our “go to bed” routine. I just wanted to say thank you!"

Thank you so much for your kind words! My goal is that every single person walks away with tools they can use TODAY to increase success while caring for young children. We truly are more together :)

Raelene Ostberg, Thriving Together

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