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Upcoming Live Zoom Webinars 

Engaging, inspiring and informative early childhood trainings with critical information for those caring for young children.

  • Interactive live Zoom webinars you can take at the time scheduled

  • Visit Book Raelene to schedule one for your group


Each is filled with tips, tools and strategies to decrease stress, increase success, and enhance joy while caring for young children.

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Get the behaviors you want,

STOP the behaviors you don't.

Live Zoom Webinars

Post pandemic, with Keynotes and Staff Trainings on the rise, we are only offering live webinars in collaboration with Early Education Programs (Child care, Preschool, Head Starts, etc.)  Scroll down to see if there are any currently offered. Or, visit Learn with Raelene so see all other wonderful learning opportunities!

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No upcoming events at the moment

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Visit "Learn with Raelene" to see all upcoming opportunities or join our fun and engaging Self-Paced courses to earn training hours today!

Have fun learning in-person, live webinar, or engaging self-paced anytime!

Bring your own valuable training to your team, conference, or area!

Access helpful information , videos, and free resources today!


“Raelene's course on challenging behaviors was genuinely informative. She has a wonderful storytelling ability that helps you connect to the information so it can be retained and utilized. I tried many of the simple approaches she taught and found immediate and surprising success.”

– Cheryl Vargas. childcare provider


“This is a must-attend class! The energy this woman can put in a room is genuine. Her tips are useful and realistic. As a bonus, she's funny and entertaining too! ”

— Kamila Roquette, childcare provider and parent

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