Mon, Apr 05 | Zoom Live Webinar with Raelene Ostberg

Taming Those Terrific Toddlers 3: Guidance methods for toddlers who just won’t listen!

Some persistent toddlers can push and test every limit, despite our best efforts. Discover 12 more tools for your toolbox!
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Taming Those Terrific Toddlers 3: Guidance methods for toddlers who just won’t listen!

Date and Time

Apr 05, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT
Zoom Live Webinar with Raelene Ostberg

Event Details

During this live Zoom webinar with Raelene Ostberg, you will 

  • Identify four wonderfully creative ways to gain toddler cooperation
  • Apply eight effective toddler guidance strategies you can use when all your prevention and positive communication attempts are still not working. 
  • Apply the methods learned to address negative behaviors such as biting, screaming, and throwing
  • Learn from others who care for young children, as you problem-solve common persistent negative behaviors that might just be driving you BANANAS!

Join the Taming Those Terrific Toddler series this spring to fill your toolbox with the helpful tools to get toddlers to DO what you want them to DO, and stop doing what you need them to stop doing (AND, have fun along the way during engaging live webinars with Raelene Ostberg, Master Trainer and Founder of Thriving Together, LLC.)

100% Approved in Minnesota! 

KCF II.C: Promoting Social-Emotional Dev. CDA III: Support soc/emo dev.


 *YOU CHOOSE - Take Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or ALL for a huge discount (and toolbox FULL of strategies!) 

Taming Those Terrific Toddler Series on March 22, 29, and April 5th.

Part 1: Why do they DO that?!  (March 22)

Delve deeper into what drives toddlers’ negative behaviors while you gain insight into their cognitive capabilities.  Discover three top tips to promote optimal development and growth and get answers to your toddler develop questions.

KCF I: Child Development

Part 2: Setting Limits and Getting Toddlers to Follow Them! (March 29)

Learn ways to get toddlers to follow your directions. Gain constructive communication techniques that really work to get toddlers to stop certain behaviors and start others.

KCF II.C: Promoting Social-Emotional Dev. CDA III: Support soc/emo dev.

Part 3: Guidance Methods for Toddlers Who Just Won’t Listen! (April 5)

Explore eight positive guidance strategies designed perfectly for toddlers' skills and development that get toddlers to follow your direction!

KCF II.C: Promoting Social-Emotional Dev. CDA III: Support soc/emo dev.


100% of attendees recommended this series!

Past feedback on Taming Toddlers 3:

  • "You NEED to take this course if you teach or love a toddler... you will walk away ready to try the strategies learned and to be a more effective educator or parent! And the strategies work! I am already utilizing them in my classroom and it's wonderful!"
  • "This was very fun, entertaining and very informative"
  • "Thank you for the three great amazing classes! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot and look forward to more classes with you."
  • "Great Class.  If you have toddlers in your care, TAKE THIS CLASS!"
  • "Such an amazing trainer!  Very positive and knowledgeable.  Very energetic and positive.  Has so much experience to share and to make the topic understandable."
  • "The online series is great for picking up and putting more strategies in your tool box. You receive more ideas, ways of teaching these wonderful kiddos (toddlers). Also, for yourself, you learn you are not alone. We can all work together to gather new ideas, and what has worked for you, and now I can try that."

 Satisfaction guaranteed. 


Technology Needed to Attend 

These interactive live webinars are offered through Zoom Webinar.  You simply need

  • Download the "Zoom Client for Meetings" App at
  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth (you will not need a webcam or microphone as you will not be seen or heard)

This link gives you an overview of what is needed:  However, you will not be seen or heard, so you do not need a microphone or video/webcam capability. Mostly just an internet connected device (works great on desk top, lap top, or tablet/Ipad!)

Worried about the tech? We have Jay to help!  Jay Nelsen, Thriving Together Tech Support, will provide a free "ZOOM Webinar Essentials" to help you get to know the online environment and get the most out of your learning experience!  Simply join your classroom 30 minutes prior to the webinar.

During these live, easy and engaging learning format, you will

  • Have fun learning while you gain useful strategies you can use today with the young children you care for.
  • Hear an engaging live presentation by Raelene Ostberg, Master Trainer and Founder of Thriving Together, on a live webcam with an insightful powerpoint presentation.
  • Participate in interactive polls, chats, and a problem-solving session.
  • Lower your stress, increase your success, and enhance your joy while caring for young children
  • NOTE: *You will not be seen or heard (so you can even be in your pjs!)

We look forward to learning with you!

  • Part 3 only on April 5th
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