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Red Head Baby


Workshops & Seminars

Bring an engaging, informative, and inspiring workshop to your next conference or meeting – live or virtual. Each multimedia training experience is specifically designed to decrease stress, increase success and enhance joy of those doing the critical work of educating and caring for young children.


available as keynote, webinar or workshop

Taming Those Terrific Toddlers 

Gain insight into typical toddler development and learn what drives toddlers’ negative behaviors. Collect proven strategies to effectively redirect challenging behaviors and get toddlers to follow your directions. Unlock the secret world of toddlers and explore discipline and communication strategies that really work. You will increase your joy and decrease your stress while caring for these wonderful humans.

Achieve Approved KCF II.C: Promoting social and emotional development (2 Hours)


CDA AreaIII: Supporting social and emotional development (2 Hours)

From Timid to Tenacious!
Working with Infant and Toddler Temperament Traits

Some infants and toddlers are very easygoing while others are extremely feisty, emotional, or slow-to-warm. Each unique infant/toddler temperament will require individualized responses from adults in order to find success. During this training, you willexplore the nine temperament traits and identify ways to adapt care and provide a “good fit”, reduce stress, and increase positive outcomes while caring for infants or toddlers.

MN ApprovedKCF II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development (2 Hours)

CDA AreaIII: Supporting social and emotional development (2 Hours)

From “SCREECH” to “More Please”:  Fostering Communication Skills in Infants and Toddlers

Gain insight into how infants and toddlers develop the critical language skills needed to avoid screaming, throwing food, and other negative behaviors. Learn typical developmental expectations for expressive and receptive language the first two years and explore the tremendous difference adults can make in this advancement. Investigate books that build social emotional skills in tandem with literacy. Collect effective techniques to promote the useful infant and toddler verbal and nonverbal language skills that will help toddlers turn those ear-shattering screams into useful phrases and gestures.

MN ApprovedKCF II.C:II.B:  Promoting Cognitive Development (2 Hours)

CDA Area II: Physical & Intellectual Development (2 Hours)

Hitting, Kicking & Biting, OH MY! Top Tips to Prevent and Reduce Toddler Aggression

Identify common triggers for toddler aggression and learn techniques to reduce toddler aggressive behaviors. Explore hands-on methods that will teach toddlers the skills they need to express anger appropriately. Identify coaching tips for challenging toddler moments that will help toddlers cope with strong feelings. Gain methods that will reduce negative behaviors, increase calm and reduce stress for all in your care environment.

MN ApprovedKCF II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development (2 Hours)

CDA AreaIII: Supporting social and emotional development (2 Hours)

Building Baby's
Brain Power

What you do matters! During the first sixteen months of life, adults set the groundwork for successful development. During this seminar, you will explore brain development basics, share strategies to promote optimal brain development, and list tips to increase communication skills for engaging and teaching infants.

MN ApprovedKCF I: Child Development

(2 Hours)

CDA Area VIII: Principles of Child Growth & Development (2 Hours)

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