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Thu, Mar 23


Zoom Live Webinar with Raelene Ostberg

Collaborating with Families 3: Navigating Conflicts and Cultural Differences

Discover methods to collaboratively and comfortably resolve conflicts and caregiving differences when sharing the care of young children with others.

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Collaborating with Families 3: Navigating Conflicts and Cultural Differences
Collaborating with Families 3: Navigating Conflicts and Cultural Differences

Date and Time

Mar 23, 2023, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT

Zoom Live Webinar with Raelene Ostberg

Event Details

When caring for someone's children, have you ever thought something like:

"Why does that parent linger at drop off. They just need to drop their child off and go.  The child will be fine!"

"They asked me not to have their child play in that area. But, that is just not how we do it here. Children need to follow their interests!"

"The parent asked me to keep their child up and not let them nap.  Are they crazy!? That child needs a nap here (and I need the break too!)"

"Why does that adult do things for the child that they can do for themselves?  We are working to help that child be more independent and they are not helping!"

During this engaging session, Part 3:  Navigating Conflicts, Cultural Dynamics, and Differences in Caregiving Practices, you will: 

  • Explore how cultural differences and opposing values can fuel conflict
  • Discover methods to address issues that come up, work through differences, and respond to conflicts that leaves everyone feeling valued and respected
  • Apply a process to collaboratively and comfortably resolve conflicts and caregiving differences that inevitably come up when sharing the care and education of young children. 

The way adults educate and provide care for children is driven by personal goals, values, and culture.  Learn tips to increase the likelihood families will be on your team through difficult discussions and differences in child-rearing approaches and ensure success for your program and the families you work with. 


You gain 2 training hours 

All participants who fully complete the course will receive a training certificate for 2-training hours.  To receive your training hours, you will need to log in to Zoom to participate in chats/polls  as you apply the concepts to your environment and complete a brief evaluation survey.  Participants must not miss more than 15 minutes of the session.  During the session, you must not be responsible for the care of young children or driving a car.

100% Approved in both MN (Develop-MNCPD/Achieve) and NY for 2-training hours (Meet OCFS training requirements, Quality Assured, and count towards NYS Regulatory Training Requirements).  Participants from MN and NY will receive entry into Develop or Aspire, if needed, within two business days of completing the course.

Visit the website to see all upcoming courses and on-demand anytime learning opportunities!  - If you need any assistance registering or have questions,  simply reach out to Krista, Administrative Director at:


You will also LOVE the Collaborating with Families Series online learning experience! 100% of attendees recommended this series!

  • "It is a wonderful webinar, that will help you reflect on how you are currently collaborating with families and give you great strategies to improve them." - Jessica C., Childcare Provider
  • "I really enjoyed this series. I HATE conflict and always have. After taking this class I at least feel that I can deal with conflict in my childcare and even with my own grown children. Thank you Raelene for opening my eyes and making me believe that I CAN DO IT!" Tammy U., Childcare Provider
  • "It made me more aware of keeping those connections with families going.  Sometimes we slip into autopilot and forget to focus on those things." - Lisa T., Childcare Provider
  • "This webinar is full of tips and strategies a childcare provider can use easily every day to enhance the relationships and experiences of families and themselves." - Heather N., Childcare Provider
  • "Engaging, helpful, useful content and strategies which you can start implementing immediately." - Carolyn B., Childcare Provider
  • "Very valuable experience and felt connected and welcomed! You do a great job engage with those from all different educational settings focusing on children and families!" - Breiley D., Childcare Provider
  • "The passion Raelene has for growth of children and families is evident!" - Irene V., Childcare Provider



  • Are these trainings approved in Develop and Aspire? YES! All of our live webinars are approved in Develop/MNCPD-Achieve and Aspire (All Meet OCFS training requirements, Quality Assured, and count towards NYS Regulatory Training Requirements)
  • How long does Develop/Aspire entry take? Develop/Aspire entry occurs within 1 business day after you finish the course survey.
  • Do you offer a discount for groups? Yes! If you sign up five or more, we give an additional 10% of the series rate.


About Your Presenter:

Raelene Ostberg is the Founder of Thriving Together, an organization dedicated to designing and delivering informative, engaging, and inspiring learning experiences to support early childhood educators and the trainers and leaders that support them.  Raelene brings a unique perspective to her Collaborating with Families series as she has partnered with early childhood educators to successfully raise her own two daughters while she served families in different capacities. Through her journey with four different childcare providers, and the ups and downs that came with it, she gained interesting insight that aligns with studies on this topic.  Raelene has also worked as a Parent Educator with Early Childhood Family Education, a Staff Coordinator with PAIIR in Rochester, and as a Home Visitor with Way to Grow in Northeast Minneapolis.  To date, Raelene has delivered fun and useful learning experiences that have informed, engaged, entertained, and inspired thousands of early childhood professionals on this topic and others related to working with others, transforming challenging behaviors, decreasing stress, and promoting self-control.  Raelene obtained her B.A. in Theater and M.Ed. in Family Education from the University of Minnesota._______


Technology Information

Worried about the tech?

  • If needed, set up a time to test your connection before that day to go over any questions or concerns you might have by emailing Krista, Administrative Director at:
  • If you are unfamiliar with the format, join Raelene five minutes before the webinar to go over the course expectations or view the video at

To participate in these interactive live Zoom webinars, you simply need

  • Zoom App:  Download the latest "Zoom Client for Meetings" App at
  • Internet connection: You need Broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) - Note, Zoom requirements periodically change. Please visit for the latest.
  • Speakers:  The presenter is on the webcam so you will need need built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth in order to hear the presentation.
  • Computer or Tablet screen:  For this live webinar, the larger the screen the better.  It works great on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. A phone is not recommended.

You will not be seen or heard, so you do not need a microphone or video/webcam capability.  To find out more about this wonderful online learning format, view the video at -

During this live, easy and engaging learning format, you will

  • Have fun learning while you gain useful strategies you can use today with the young children you care for.
  • Hear an engaging live presentation by Raelene Ostberg, Master Trainer and Founder of Thriving Together, on a live webcam with an insightful powerpoint presentation.
  • Participate in interactive polls, chats, and a problem-solving session.
  • Lower your stress, increase your success, and enhance your joy while caring for young children
  • NOTE: *You will not be seen or heard (so you can even be in your pjs!)

We look forward to learning with you!

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