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A Special Keynote

Finding Joy

Book today to inspire, energize, and delight your participants with transformative information and an engaging process that leaves them grateful they came and wanting to come back next year!

An uplifting, energetic, and rousing presentation with a critical message (and real-life tools) for Early Childhood Educators during this stressful time. 

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Finding Joy

Reduce Stress, Break through Barriers, and Increase Joy at Work and at Home!

Finding Joy. 

An uplifting, energetic, and rousing presentation with a critical message (and real-life tools) for Early Childhood Educators during this stressful time.  This Keynote will help make your event memorable and impactful, leaving participants grateful they put their valuable time aside to attend! This transformative Keynote can be delivered virtually or in-person.


Providing care and education for young children is intense emotional labor and can easily lead to exhaustion and burn out. The reality is, when you work in a career that consumes your heart, mind, and sometimes sanity, it can be difficult to just leave it behind. Taking care of others can become the main mode of operation and the most important person might just get left behind – you. Truly, taking time to restore and nurture yourself is critical to be your best and to enjoy your important work! During this webinar, you will gain methods to crush the obstacles getting in the way of experiencing true joy, set personal boundaries for yourself and others, and feel inspired in your critical role shaping young minds. The methods you take away will help you get the most out of your unique journey and result in an increase in your “joy factor” starting right away!

Participant feedback:

  • “Absolutely uplifting!”

  • “WOW! This was just what I needed!”

  • “It was a very impactful presentation with infectious energy and helpful, new insights and advice.“

  • “I loved the whole presentation and the energy that it was given with kept me captivated and interested as well as the content.”

  • “She is so passionate and fun! Delivers the messages so clear and to the heart. Thank you!”

  • “Raelene is amazing!  Her joy overflows to everyone!”

  • “I thoroughly appreciated her authenticity!!!  She was REAL!”

  • "Thank you so much for your wonderful class today! So many staff pulled me aside throughout the day and told me how great you were. One even said 'I feel like she was speaking to me and telling me exactly what I needed to hear!' You have such a gift for adult education, and we all appreciated having you here today.” 

  • “Amazing session! Lots of great information! I think it would be awesome if this one could be offered regularly!”

  • “A lot of times we tend to lose ourselves in our jobs so much that we forget to take care of ourselves! It’s important for a teacher to acknowledge their own worth and our job is not for everybody! In order for us to adequately take care of our kiddos, we need to find joy for ourselves!”

  • “I was having the toughest last two months, and this was the advice/push I needed it. Thank you so much.”

  • “I learned so much good information from Raelene that will help me in my work and my LIFE!  I needed this class to learn/remind me how to take care of myself. Find JOY!!!”


Presenter Bio

Raelene brings boundless energy, extensive expertise, years of experience in early childhood classrooms, and wonderful real-life stories that show the tangible strategies in action!  Raelene Ostberg is the Founder of Thriving Together, an organization dedicated to supporting early childhood educators in their critical work shaping young minds. She has worked for over ten years to deliver transformative learning experiences that are entertaining, fun, engaging, and inspiring.  Raelene is a full-time Keynote Speaker, Achieve/MNCPD Expert Trainer, New York State Training and Technical Assistant Professional, Curriculum Designer, and Trainer Mentor/Observer/Educator.  Raelene obtained her B.A. in Theater and M.Ed. in Family Education from the University of Minnesota.  Since 2012, Raelene has completed training and education on stress and resiliency through Mayo Clinic’s Stress-Free Living Program.


Raelene brings boundless energy, years of experience in early childhood classrooms, extensive expertise in reducing stress, and wonderfully entertaining stories that show real-life strategies in action. Her Keynotes, workshops, and online educational experiences help to decrease stress, enhance joy, and bolster the success of early childhood professionals who continue to do the stressful work of educating our youngest. Participants love Raelene’s energy, enthusiasm, and theatrical storytelling that bring proven strategies to life! 


Raelene inspires thousands of early childhood educators nationally each year and is passionate to continue the adventure.  She is grateful every day for the opportunity to support the amazing humans who choose to educate and care for our youngest.  After all, these wonderful people are shaping our future, one child at a time.

Other Topics

In addition to this special Keynote, Raelene has numerous early childhood topics. Each breakout session brings critical information and an engaging learning experience that participants love!  Check out her list of topics.



Or just reach out to discuss options and learn more!



those caring for young children in a way that helps lower stress and increase success – both personally and professionally.

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early childhood professionals with realistic and effective tools and strategies that make this critical work easier and more fun.

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in important topics that make a significant difference.


positive change with rewarding educational experiences that helps improve the future for us all.

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