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Find Joy in Your Childcare Journey

We inspire childcare providers, early childhood teachers, and Head Start teams with engaging trainings that alleviate stress, foster joy, reduce challenging behaviors, and ensure success.

Let’s Learn Together!


Schedule engaging and informative early childhood education that participants love!


No more boring and repetitive trainings! Raelene’s live and self-paced trainings are fun & engaging, and many can be done from the comfort of your home or office. Sign up for a great conference, self-paced training, or live webinar today!


We offer engaging and insightful trainings & workshops to equip your staff with the essential tools to teach with confidence, reduce stress, and create a positive impact for children and families. Custom group & online programs also available.


From Keynote presentations to breakout sessions, Raelene is the inspiring speaker your conference needs to fill seats and keep your audience excited to attend year after year! Raelene delivers the inspiration and skills early childhood educators need.

“Raelene is lighting the way to brighter, more fulfilling
careers in early childhood education!”

Meet Raelene Ostberg, the Founder of Thriving Together, an international organization passionately committed to supporting early childhood educators in their vital mission of caring for and educating young children.

As is a full-time Keynote Speaker, Expert Trainer, Technical Assistance Professional, and Curriculum Designer based out of Minnesota, Raelene has inspired thousands of early childhood educators each year and is on a mission is to decrease stress, enhance joy, and fortify the success of early childhood professionals in their critical work shaping young minds. 


Raelene's educational approach is supported by early childhood studies and grounded in real-life strategies that show positive effects for educators, children, and families. Each powerful session is designed to meet educators where they’re at, often burned out, stressed out, and sometimes even ready to call it quits. Participants of her trainings universally praise Raelene for her dynamic energy, infectious enthusiasm, and theatrical storytelling that vividly brings proven strategies to life. 


Looking for a Dynamic Presenter?

Audiences love Raelene! Eye-opening, energizing, inspiring, entertaining, and fun are just some of the words used to describe Raelene’s Keynotes.

Book Raelene as your Keynote Speaker to elevate your event, captivate your audience, and spark a renewed passion for shaping the future of early childhood education.

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Get Started with our Free Hands-on Tools in our Resource Blog!

Ready to dive in and get started for free?

Access Raelene’s videos, cheat sheets and blog posts for quick tips to get the behaviors you want and STOP the behaviors you don't. Plus learn how to reduce your stress, manage challenging situations, and more!

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“Raelene's course on challenging behaviors was genuinely informative. She has a wonderful storytelling ability that helps you connect to the information so it can be retained and utilized. I tried many of the simple approaches she taught and found immediate and surprising success."

– Cheryl Vargas. Childcare Provider

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