Identify four proven methods to build important self-confidence and a "can do" attitude. Collect tools to increase responsibility and gain cooperation without bribery, nagging, or threats.


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What do you need to do for to complete this course?

You will follow a general pattern of watching a short video segment and then reflecting on your learning.  


To receive training hours, you will

  • View engaging learning segments of a pre-recorded webinar presentation with the presenter on the webcam
  • Progress through the course in your own time, watching videos, and accessing free tools and resources
  • Answer several questions as you provide your insight, reflect on your learning, and apply the idea the concepts to your care environment
  • Take the final course survey


AND.... you are DONE! WOOHOOO!

You will receive your certificate for three training hours and, if you have a Develop account in Minnesota, your information will be entered within two business days!

Encouraging Confidence & Better Behavior Through Increased Responsibility