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My Story

My goal:

SUPPORT  those caring for young children in a way that helps lower stress and increase success – both personally and professionally.

​EMPOWER  early childhood professionals with realistic and effective tools and strategies that make this critical work easier and more fun.

ENGAGE  in important topics that make a significant difference.

INSPIRE  positive change with rewarding educational experiences that helps improve the future for us all.

My Story


My dream of being an actress was transformed forever after the birth of my first daughter. Instead, I became a failing mother in need of help - desperately. Through the assistance of the amazing childcare providers and early childhood teachers I had the privilege to work alongside, I successfully raised two daughters while obtaining my college degrees. I achieved a B.A. in Theater and M.Ed. in Family Education from the University of Minnesota in addition to becoming a Licensed Parent Educator and an Achieve Master Trainer.

Through my ongoing work with providers, I realized that, if there is one job more difficult than parenting, it is doing the isolating and often thankless job of raising our next generation in group settings, A.K.A. child care. I believe childcare providers are today’s unsung heroes. Providers work long days, attend numerous hours of training each year, and answer busy employed parents’ calls for “HEEEELP!”. 


Today’s early childhood champions literally set our youngest on a successful trajectory into home, school, and eventually work life. With a goal of assisting these “hero’s”, I am dedicated to developing and delivering engaging Keynotes, in-person workshops, live Facebook “Naptime Nuggets”, and other online education series, focused on decreasing stress, enhancing joy, and bolstering the success of early childhood professionals in their critical work.

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