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  • Decrease Stress, Enhance Joy, and Increase Your Success, Today!

    Identify what the latest neuroscience research has discovered about how stress impacts your brain, thinking, and responses to stressful situations. Discover practical methods to train your brain to stress less, enjoy more, and increase success both personally and professionally.

    Achieve Approved KCF VI: Professionalism 

    (2 Hours)

    CDA Area -Maintaining Professionalism 

    (2 Hours)

  • Being the Star You Are: Mastering Stressful Moments So You Can Truly Shine!

    Explore effective methods to use before, during, and after stressful moments to build the important self-regulation skills needed to prevent future emotional mayhem. Develop a plan to confidently address stressful moments so you and the children you care for can truly shine, today and tomorrow.

    Achieve Approved IIC: Promoting Social-Emotional Development (2 Hours)

    CDA Area III: Content Area III: Support Social-Emotional Development

    (2 Hours)

  • Giving the Gifts that Last a Lifetime: Healthy Self-Esteem and Self Confidence

    Discover the important elements of fostering self-esteem, identify the role that adult expectations, values, and limit-setting play in building self-confidence, and learn specific techniques that encourage children to feel responsible, capable and competent.

    Achieve Approved KCF II.C:Promoting Social and Emotional Development

    (2 Hours)

    CDA Area:Social & Emotional Development (2 Hours)

  • Promoting Powerful Parent Partnerships through Concerns, Challenges, and Conflicts. 

    Discover tips to build strong and lasting partnerships with parents that will leave parents open to your suggestions and raving about your childcare!  Identify concrete strategies to increase positive interactions and effectively problem-solve challenges that arise. Learn proven methods to develop a team approach that will lower your stress and increase your success, personally and professionally! 

    Achieve Approved KCF II.C:III: Relationships with Families (2-3 hours)

    CDA Area:Productive Relationships with Families  (2-3 hours)

  • Feisty, Lively, and Tenacious! Working with Difficult Temperament Traits to Help All Children Succeed!

    Discover proven methods to decrease power struggles, reduce negative behaviors and increase positive outcomes for children who are extremely persistent, intense, slow-to-warm, highly sensitive, or highly active. Gain tips to provide a “good fit” and ensure success for all children. 

    Achieve Approved KCF II.C:Promoting Social and Emotional Development

    (2 Hours)

    CDA Area:Social & Emotional Development (2 Hours)

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“Loved it! Best class I've taken on effective and immediately useful techniques!”


“It was fun working online and amazing how you still feel so connected to the group and instructor!”


“This online series gave strong reinforcements to my personal beliefs about working with children, gave me an abundance of great strategies and how to use them, and refreshed my enthusiasm as a teacher and director.”