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Engaging Multimedia Training Experiences

Designed to provide engaging, meaningful and inspiring training and resources to help decrease stress, increase success, and enhance joy for those caring for young children.

Meet Raelene


Raelene’s biggest life challenge was getting her children successfully through the early years. She could not have done it without the valuable education and tools she learned, as well as the wonderful childcare providers who helped raise them!  Raelene has dedicated herself to bringing life-changing strategies to those who care for young children.

Early childhood professional development that is fun, engaging, meaningful, inspiring and packed with real-life tools you can apply today to get the behaviors you want, and stop the behaviors you don’t.


  • Engaging and informative presentations that meet licensor requirements

  • Tools that address challenging behaviors to transform and enhance your child care

  • Convenient and inspiring learning opportunities, whether it is on-demand 24/7 learning, live webinars, wonderful conferences, or other educational gatherings

  • Free and useful weekly resources

What People say

"Raelene's course on challenging behaviors was genuinely informative. She has a wonderful storytelling ability that helps you connect to the information so it can be retained and utilized. Raelene makes the topic of child guidance light hearted, fun and authentically applicable. I tried many of the simple approaches she taught and found immediate and surprising success."

— Cheryl Vargas, Childcare Provider

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We got this!

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