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NEW On-Demand Course: Taming Those Terrific Toddlers 2! Getting Toddlers to Follow Your Limits

Join us for Part 2: Getting Toddlers to Follow Your Limits! Sign up today and then take this course "As you wish" any day or time between now and December 31st!
NEW On-Demand Course: Taming Those Terrific Toddlers 2! Getting Toddlers to Follow Your Limits

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Any time!
Your Learning - Your Time!

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This informative, fun, and flexible learning opportunity is truly learning "as you wish"!  You decide - finish in less than two hours between now and December 31st or take the course bit by bit. This self-paced course is broken into easy short learning segments in your Thinkific course player and it tracks your progress. You can jump on or off as is convenient for you!

During the course, you will view an edited version of the engaging live webinar featuring Raelene Ostberg on the webcam and answer a few questions as you apply the concepts to your care environment.

  • Explore an easy, four-step process to get toddlers to follow your directions
  • Evaluate which limits are realistic for toddlers and identify the culprits that fuel toddler battles. Identify top tips for setting effective limits with toddlers and gain hands-on tools to teach those limits
  • Gain constructive communication techniques that really work with toddlers to get them to stop certain behaviors and start others
  • Have fun learning during an engaging pre-recorded webinar with toddler expert Raelene Ostberg, Master Trainer and Founder of Thriving Together, LLC. Raelene spent over 15 years, working in toddler classrooms, gathering tips and tools that really work!  She shares those tools along with entertaining real-life stories to match.

Now available! Toddler's Series available On Demand! Take one, two or all three of the Taming Those Terrific Toddlers series, at your own pace!  In the series, you will build a toolbox full of toddler-specific strategies that will get them to DO the helpful behaviors you want and STOP the negative behaviors disrupting calm in your early childhood setting.

100% Parent-Aware and Develop Approved!

Part 1: Taming Those Terrific Todders: Why do they DO that?!

KCF Area I: Child Development

Discover three top tips to prevent challenging toddler behaviors as you promote optimal growth and development.

Part 2: Taming Those Terrific Toddlers: Getting Toddlers to Follow your Limits

*KCF Area II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development

Identify top tips for setting effective limits with toddlers and to get toddlers to follow your direction!

Part 3: Taming Those Terrific Toddlers: Guidance Methods for Toddlers who just won't listen

*KCF Area II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development

Identify four wonderfully creative ways to gain toddler cooperation. Apply eight effective toddler guidance strategies you can use when all your prevention and positive communication attempts are still not working. Apply the methods learned to address negative behaviors such as biting, screaming, and throwing.

Participants will receive a training certificate  immediately after finishing the course and Develop entry (if needed) within one business day.


100% of participants recommend our Thinkific on-demand courses!

  • "Loads of information and ideas, so easy to complete at my own pace and time frame.  Thank you! It was wonderful...I'll be back!" Lisa S., Childcare Provider
  • "It is extremely convenient, easy to follow, in-depth and the instructor is super knowledgeable and fun to listen to!  Sam H., Childcare Provider
  • "I appreciated how you could sign up and get a link and come on to do all of it or some of it. It was useful how you could go back to the videos if you wanted it and see what percent you have done." Sara L., Childcare Provider


Recent Taming Those Terrific Toddler 2 Live Webinar Feedback

  • "Very easy to listen to, very knowledgeable.  Gives great examples/stories.  Very motivating!"
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was by far the best webinar I've done!! I LOVE your energy!! You can tell you love what you do!"
  • "I walked away with LOTS of Tools and Strategies to use with my toddlers. So often I hear that certain tough toddler behaviors are simply just developmentally appropriate, which is true but so frustrating! I’m so happy to have some strategies to use to teach these terrific toddlers what I want them to learn and know :)"
  • "Amazed by all the helpful and useful and relevant information from Ms Raelene! Thank you for taking time to help us understand the minds of these tiny humans!"
  • Raelene was amazing! I especially liked all of the examples that she gave. It's much easier to understand something when you are given a real life example that you may have dealt with yourself. Cheers for Raelene!"
  • "The online series is great for picking up and putting more strategies in your tool box. You receive more ideas, ways of teaching these wonderful kiddos (toddlers). Also, for yourself, you learn you are not alone. We can all work together to gather new ideas, and what has worked for you, and now I can try that."
  • "Jump at the chance to take her classes!  She really gets where we are coming from and wants us to experience joy and less stress in our field.  Outstanding info and engaging."


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Course?

This course is designed to qualify for two training hours and can be easily completed within that time. It includes approximately 1.25 hours of an edited pre-recorded video from an engaging and fun live presentation by Raelene Ostberg, M.Ed. You will also watch two short outside videos, provide your insight or thoughts, and write a few short reflections as you apply the information to your early care environment.

My life is CRAZY! Do I really have time to take this online course?

Absolutely! This entire course contains short vide